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  ANDJUST / ajankohtaista / topical                 ONYKO Film Awards      March 2021 Andjust's finnish version screenings have shifted, so this site offers a "snack" on the waiting room: Andjustin suomenkielisen version näytökset siirtyvät, joten tämä sivusto tarjoaa "välipalaa" odotushuoneessa:                                                            AVAA TÄSTÄ - OPEN HERE Näytökset Suomessa / screenings in Finland (Suomenkielinen versio / The Finnish version) Elokuvateatteri   Studio Hallituskatu 7,   Oulu Arthouse Cinema Niagara Kehräsaari, B-talo,  Tampere Kino Iiris Saimaankatu 12,  Lahti                                Kino Marilyn Kuningattarenkatu 17, Loviisa Näytökset ovat siirtyneet pandemiatilanteesta johtuen, uusi ajankohta ilmoitetaan myöhemmin    Screenings have been postponed due to the pandemic situation, the dates of the screenings will be announced later LISÄTIETOA ELOKUVASTA SUOMEKSI PALAA PÄÄSIVULLE

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AUDIO PLAY MOVIE ANDJUST      Written out : "Andjust is a work of imagist excess based on collage, bricolage and a collector mania of objets trouvés. It is a Dadaist visual poem based on superimpositions, installations, collisions, animations, reflections and negative images. From sober observations it switches to low angles and majestic landscape views. Mox Mäkelä's cinema emerges from original conceptual ideas of hers. At times I have fleeting associations to others, like Harry E. Smith's occultist Heaven and Earth Magic, but in the approach to animation only."  [ Antti Alanen, Film Diary ]    open  Antti Alanen: Film Diary       "Folkloric, dystopian, surreal, satirical and brilliant, ‘Andjust’ narrates an utterly immersive journey through the detritus of materialism re-moored  as if to a fairy tale The film is a treasury of documentation, a catalogue of poetry, music, animation and collage, told with a poetic voice that is both sophisticated and naïve.  Myri